STOP THE BUS! Against Gender Violence

Stop the Bus! Against Gender Violence

This year the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust will again travel to the Overberg for their annual Stop the Bus Campaign starting 25 November 2011, as part of the international 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence.

STB team in Worcestor 2010

STB team in Worcestor 2010

The Stop the Bus campaign is an advocacy campaign that focuses on educating and informing rape survivors, community members and organisations about their right to access services within the Criminal Justice System as well as on holding that system to account for the quality of the services they deliver in the area. Trained bus crews will work with local community organisations and community groups, giving workshops, linking networks of service providers and establishing what services are available to survivors in the area. They will also monitor police, health and court facilities along the route for their compliance with sexual offences legislation and in this was address potential gaps in service delivery.

This year Rape Crisis has partnered with the provincial government’s Department of Social Development and WOMANKIND Worldwide to implement the campaign.   Badisa is helping Rape Crisis to develop and create partnerships with local Overberg community organisations that will benefit from the training and networking.  The Shukumisa Campaign, a coalition of organisations of which Rape Crisis is a member, offers the guidelines for monitoring facilities for the infrastructure in place to deliver services.

The bus will visit Stanford, Gansbaai, Hermanus, Buffelsjagsbaai and Pearly Beach in two trips. The crew on the bus includes counsellors, trainers, a blogger, and a Shukhumisa fieldworker.  The first bus will make its way to the Overberg from 25-29 November 2011. During this week the spotlight will fall on community members who can expect to learn more about what rights they have, defining rape, what to do if someone rapes you, changing the social norms and myths that promote sexual violence, and the rape victim’s pathway through the Criminal Justice System. There will be door to door visits taking place over both weeks.

Stop the Bus team 2010

Stop the Bus team 2010

The second trip will be to the Overberg area from 1-5 December 2011. During this week they will focus on capacity building with community organisations, like Buure Help Buure, Family Community Workers and Community Development Workers. Talks will centre around how to support survivors, information on the Sexual Offences Act and the Service Charter for Victims of Crime, confidentiality around survivors and understanding the Criminal Justice System. Rape Crisis will offer talks and training, and will also take part in network meetings to create stronger relationships for the benefit of the survivor.

Rape Crisis is very proud to offer this annual service to an area that has an identified shortage of counsellors and assistance for the survivor of rape. They would like to invite anyone from the community who would like to take part in this campaign, focused on helping to end the gender based violence. If you are unable to catch the bus in action, please follow the Rape Crisis Blog, where our Stop the Bus blogger will share the daily activities. (

Stop the Bus 2010

Organisations and community members can contact Liezel from Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, or Rayvon from Badisa for a more detailed schedule:

Liezel van Schalkwyk (Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust)

021 684 1180 /

Or Rayvon Joemath  (Hermanus Stanford Gansbaai Social Services – Badisa).

028 341 0951

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We have a vision of a South Africa in which rape survivors suffer no secondary trauma, and are supported throughout their interaction with the Criminal Justice System (CJS). Our mission is to promote an end to violence against women, specifically rape, and to assist women to achieve their right to live free from violence. Rape Crisis Cape Town seeks to achieve its mission through counselling and training of women, thereby reducing the trauma experienced by rape survivors, and encouraging reporting of rape and the conviction of rapists.

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