Stop the Bus! Day 3 – Up close and personal with the community.

The team enjoyed very much interacting with the children of the Pearly Beach township.

We spent Saturday working on a door to door campaign in the Pearly Beach township. Intimate conversations with the community members revealed their perceptions around sexual violence and we were able to identify key misperceptions. Evelynne especially was excellent at drawing community members into involved and insightful conversations. A recurring theme that popped up was the perception that women who dress in revealing clothes attract adversity. With respect and committed effort, we believe we were able to enable questioning of those perceptions in the minds of some of the community members. It was clear that the perspectives of the young people were very different from the older generations and the youth appeared anxious to speak in the presence of elders. However we had a notable triumph when one of the young people invited us to give a talk to their newly formed youth organisation on a future date.

We were all affected by the poverty in the area, but at the same time we enjoyed interacting with the people and was grateful for the opportunity to have such a humbling experience.

Lavona informing community members about their rights.

Ntuthu talking to a group of women.

Shaamiela and Shirleen with a group of women and children from the community.

Shaamiela had a long conversation with David issues surrounding sexual violence.

We gave out a lot of educational pamphlets to men and women in the community.

All of the Rape Crisis team members were moved by the prevalent poverty in the area.


6 thoughts on “Stop the Bus! Day 3 – Up close and personal with the community.

  1. Beautiful photographs documenting a beautiful process – what extraordinary people you all are! It takes such courage to do any kind of door to door work and it is so inspiring to hear about the results. Well done!

  2. This campaign just gets better and better. It is moving to see these photographs of the different interactions crew members have with community members and to see Shamiela and Shireen getting more involved. i feel so proud of you all.
    Love, Kath

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