On being a woman

It’s such a wonderful thing as you get older as a woman that you finally start realising how beautiful and super human, we women are. We are so unkind to ourselves and other women for so much of our lives – comparing, judging and sometimes ridiculing – this is from lack of confidence most of the time.

We learn from a young age to give men the upper hand and the “boss” role, most young girls are nurtured like this. I have seen it working with young boys and girls. It starts very young with nappy changes and how the male body and wonderful little penis are celebrated (mommy practically clapping hands when he pees with out his nappy on) and girls get no such awe. We are told to cover up and close our legs.

If we women really loved ourselves more, inside and out we wouldn’t see nudity as bad, burlesque shows as objectifying or men as the be all and end all. We would be treated better by men as we wouldn’t put up with their egos. Bad male egos start when boys are raised in a house they are not being treated in a loving manner as young boys by a tired, unloved, unconfident mother, sister or grandmother. It starts and ends with women.

Sacha Moran

The views expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect the views of the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust. We invite anyone reading this to share your opinion and submit your piece to our Director, Kathleen Dey, at kath@rapecrisis.org.za for publication on this site. We hope to spark our own debate to see what feminists of today, and any other day, think and feel.

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We have a vision of a South Africa in which rape survivors suffer no secondary trauma, and are supported throughout their interaction with the Criminal Justice System (CJS). Our mission is to promote an end to violence against women, specifically rape, and to assist women to achieve their right to live free from violence. Rape Crisis Cape Town seeks to achieve its mission through counselling and training of women, thereby reducing the trauma experienced by rape survivors, and encouraging reporting of rape and the conviction of rapists.

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