Meet our new Thuthuzela Coordinator


My name is Nomnqweno Nomxhego-Gqada and I’m 35 years old.  I obtained my Bachelor of Social Work at the University of the Western Cape.

I’m a humble, goal-oriented and very persistent person.  When I was 18 years old, I joined Rape Crisis as a counselling volunteer.  Back then my interest was stirred by the lack of knowledge around the issues of gender based violence in my community, especially from young girls.  This encouraged me to get involved and make them aware of the issue while also imparting knowledge of available services around Khayelitsha.

My role as the new TCC coordinator is to lead and manage the Thuthuzela Care Centres’ counselling service team to ensure delivery of high quality counselling services to rape survivors. The three sites are situated in Heideveld CHC, Victoria Hospital and Karl Bremmer Hospital.

TCC’s are important in providing improved services to rape survivors both prior to entering and within the Criminal Justice System in order to minimise secondary victimisation and increase the effectiveness of trials so that conviction rates are increased.

With my team, we will provide a high quality service to reduce trauma experienced by rape survivors, and encourage them to report rape incidents.

My goal for the year is to provide a space for professional growth within the TCC team.

I can’t really pin point any challenges for now but my approach will be taking each one as it arises.

To someone who wants to make a difference, I would say “start small”.  It’s the smallest things that make a difference in a person’s life.  You don’t need to have money to make a difference, find a cause that shares your interests and volunteer.

Welcome to the team, Nomnqweno!