Empowered and Equipped

Stop the Bus Day Four.

It’s Saturday morning the last day of Stop the bus campaign. There are farms to visit and new people to meet.

We at the Rawsonville police station to meet with two social workers Jacque Davids and Inge Anthony. These two ladies work in the Slanghoek area, Jacque has her office at the Slanghoek Primary School.


These litlle ones were the first to welcome us.

The first farm for today is Hugo’s Kraal, The two social workers were familiar with the people at the farm as they work and visit this community. The children here were the first to welcome us and followed the two groups  from home to home.At  this farm people were either busy doing washing, shopping or just sitting outside soaking up the sun. On asking the people if there was any abuse, rape or domestic violence happening  they said “Nee nie by ons plaas nie, by die ander plase ja.”( Not at our farm but on other farms). We hear the same at Witsel farm and Ruigervlei farm “Nee nie by ons plaas nie, by die ander plase ja”.DSCN1003

The team encouraged this community to look out for one another to stop abuse and to reach out to Social Development  for assistance.The team explained to the people what steps they need to take when someone has been raped.

It was midday when the team visited the last farm it was  getting hotter and the people more friendlier. These farm workers spoke openly about their social challenges and their concerns. They invited us into their homes and asked us to sit, the team spent quite a while listening to them. The social workers encourage the people to come to the office with their problems.DSCN1059


Bajija dropping pamphlets at Worcester police Station.

Now it was off to Worcester police station to drop off booklets and pamphlets. The co-ordinator Evelynne Moses took the team members through debriefing and also thank each member for the part they have played on this trip. Tomorrow  10 am the Bus will be returning  to Cape Town.






Department of Social Development Provincial Logo


Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust wishes to thank our donor Department of Social Development (DSD)  that made Stop the Bus 2012 possible.


Youth for Change.


It’s already 30deg. Celsius this morning the temperature is going to rise everyone is getting ready. Sun hats! check, water bottles! check, sun block cream! check.  It’s off to Rawsonville police station to meet up with Sergeant Hurling Jordan from the crime prevention team. Sergeants Williams and Ferreira accompanied her to join the team to do door to door on the farms.


Speaking to ladies in town.

DSCN0842 DSCN0838
DSCN0871 DSCN0875 DSCN0897 DSCN0908 DSCN0975 While waiting on the sergeants the team took the opportunity and gave out pamphlets to passersby and also dropped  off some Rape crisis booklet at the police station.

The first farm Gabriere then it was Merwede. All the farm workers have return to work after the strike. The people who were at home received us well and invited us into their homes. They felt free to ask questions around rape and all types of abuse. The team also gave out pamphlets with the Rape Crisis contact numbers.

You would never had said that there was unrest in this area until the bus pulled off at the side of the road. Vineyards  were set alight on Tuesday during the strike.

Then it was door to door in Da Nova an Informal Settlement in Rawsonville. People in this area claim that they have no rape, domestic violence and abuse, but while others say there is.This community was encouraged to report crime and to break the silence.

The team has to do an interview at slot at 12pm  Valley fm Radio.The Topics were Myths, how to support a survivor.   Shaamiela, Tuthu and Thobeke explained what the survivor has to go through if there is no support for her.This talk was done in Xhosa, Afrikaans and English.Listeners  were encourage to support the survivors and not to protect the perpetrators. DSCN0981The team  left for  Zwelethemba a community just outside Worcester. The leader of this youth group a lady social worker named Thembeka, invited Rape Crisis. There were 27 youth, ages 14-20 years.The youth does outreach in this area and is involved in many projects.  This group Zwakala Youth for Christ engaged in the talk ask questions and showed much interest. They wanted to know why survivors feel emotional at court, when are survivors ready to testify, can men be rape, when to disclose and when is it a gang rape, these are the type of questions the group asked.The two facilitators Evelynne and Tuthu answered all their questions and  addressed all their concerns, they were also encouraged to network with other Organisations.

It’s 5pm the team is off to our accomadation to debrief and to pack for the next day.

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust wishes to thank our donor Department of Social Development (DSD)  that made Stop the Bus 2012 possible.  Department of Social Development Provincial Logo

Women Impacting Women

Stop The Bus Day 2


Arriving at the Centre

It is day two and the team is in high spirit after a good night’s rest. Today the team is making their way to The Saartjie Baartman Centre in Brandwacht.

The contact person for this centre requested a talk for the ladies at the centre. A few ladies of an informal settlement ; Ivan Park in Worcester also attended.


Tuthu doing the registration.

The topic was Understanding Rape and why we need to support rape survivors.

The facilitators Jemima, Nontuthuzelo and Shaamiela gave a two and a half hour talk in Afrikaans and Xhosa. The ladies participated and also told their own stories. After the talk they said that they were  thankful and will support and assist other women  who also go through abuse.


Evelynne Moses and Programme Manager Catherine Wiese

The next stop was Valley Fm a community Radio station in Worcester. Evelynne was interviewed by the programme manager  Chathrine Wiese.



Evelynne encouraged the listeners to break the silence and to speak out against abuse. She explained the different type of rape, myths and the support for the survivor through the criminal justice system.

The team had debriefing and packed the resources for the next day.





Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust wishes to thank our donor Department of Social Development (DSD)  that made Stop the Bus 2012 possible.Department of Social Development Provincial Logo