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3 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Good evening .I am happy to find this site on my jenny to a program called “MATCH AGAINST RAPE”. I former peer educator in the department of RAPE CRISIS ,then currently i am peer educator in WALTER SISULU UNIVERSITY (MTHATHA CAMPUS) &also a student here . i am happy that RAPE CRISIS continues to have commitment with various schools in our country , because by having them educating learners our communities are in high rate of change. i still have my goal to achieve that one day, i might be one of he voluntary counselling of rape crisis to serve my country

  2. I would like to do voluntary counselling with your organisation.
    Could you please advise whether you have an opening?

    Kind Regards,
    Gerhard Bothma

  3. Good day. I am currently busy with an assignment about CHILD abuse. Do you have any statistics for SA from 2011-2012. Tried websites but cannot find it. If you do have any is it possible to send me a copy please. If not, is it possible to refer me to any other organization or website please. I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks Cess

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