Cornelia Knoll

Cornelia, holds a degree in Sociology and is passionate about gender activism, the support of refugees and the use of art as a tool to overcome social inequality. The topic of intergenerational trauma in Germany and in South Africa is one that she is currently exploring. She is working towards a Phd on the use of art for social change. If she is not in Cape Town, her chosen second home, she can be found in Hamburg, Germany. She is a volunteer counsellor at Rape Crisis.


Carol Bower

Carol Bower has worked to end violence against women and children for almost all of her professional life. She now lives in the middle of nowhere fulfilling the ageing hippy dream and making as much trouble as she can. She is currently working with Sonke Gender Justice on improving attitudes towards and the practice of parenting as a key strategy for preventing the sexual and physical abuse of children. Carol is a previous director of Rape Crisis.


Alison Tilley

Alison Tilley is an attorney, and the head of advocacy at the Open Democracy Advice Centre, which is a law centre based in South Africa, specialising in access to information and whistleblowing law. The Centre works on these transparency issues across Africa.

She is an elected member of the National Working Group of the Right 2 Know campaign . She is also an elected member of the Governing Council of the African Freedom of Information Centre and a member of the steering committee of the Whistleblowing International Network . She is a member of the board of Goedgedacht Forum for Social Reflection. She was also a founding trustee of the Women’s Legal Centre and a member of the South African Law Reform Commission’s project committee on data protection law, which resulted in the Protection of Personal Information Act. She has litigated on access to information and whistleblowing issues in a number of High Court matters, the Labour Court, and the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court of Appeal.

She consults to a number of organisations on social justice advocacy and transparency, including Rape Crisis, Democratic Governance and Rights Unit at the University of Cape Town, and the Children’s Institute at the same university. Her publications include “The Right to Know, The Right to Live”, edited by Richard Calland and herself.


Morgan Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell lives in Cape Town where she works with survivors of trauma in private practice as a trauma and EMDR counsellor. She has been a volunteer at Rape Crisis since 2001 and is a feminist civil rights activist. For over 15 years, she has also developed materials for a variety of ages and cultures.


Dela Gwala

Dela Gwala is a full-time feminist and post-grad student at UCT who writes in the hours stolen from her thesis. She helps manage the South African branch of the largest intersectional feminist page on Facebook, Guerrilla Feminism.


Jen Thorpe 

Jen Thorpe is the editor of She’s a feminist writer and researcher who is passionate about getting the word out about violence against women, and about research around women’s negotiation of sexuality. In 2010 she started the My First Time women’s writing project which is still open for stories from women on their significant first time experiences, and was published as book in 2012. She lives in Cape Town with her fiance, Mike, who works for Greenpeace Africa. She writes a monthly column for In her free time she writes for the Mail and Guardian Thoughtleader. She loves food, swimming, yoga, and reading. Catch her on twitter @Jen_Thorpe



Kathleen Dey

Kathleen Dey is a qualified Social Worker and current Director of the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust. She has previously worked at the National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reconciliation of Offenders (NICRO), Groote Schuur Hospital in the Psychiatry Department’s Out Patient Unit and run a private practice in Knysna treating child survivors of rape and sexual abuse.  She joined Rape Crisis as a counselling coordinator in 1995 and her work in that role gained her extensive experience in the field of rape counselling, volunteer training and coordination, community development work and the development of ongoing government civil society partnerships.  She has been Director since 2008.


Dan Moshenberg

Dan Moshenberg writes at Women In and Beyond the Global and at Africa Is a Country, and is Director of the Women’s Studies Program at The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Dan SMAC Stellenbosch

Jessica Perrins

Jessica is the very first fundraising officer that Rape Crisis has ever had. Her passion is in helping a good cause and getting others involved in making difference in the lives of people who need it. She has much experience in the field of fundraising and is driven by the need to share these skills within the NGO sector.


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